Bringing your product story and brand benefits to life through a trade show activation is now becoming a major creative process. Many companies are branching away from the generic pop up booth and soaring to new heights with backdrops, brand ambassadors, staging and even linking in the use of technology.

In the past, trade shows have been a place to set up a structure, spread out your logo and peacock your brand. Nowadays the activation world is evolving into a much more creative process; marketers are finding themselves challenged to include their brand’s image using only the traditional medium and are beginning to increasingly looking beyond their booth for answers.  Linking exhibit programs to online events, games and social media campaigns is a popular trend. As well, building activations behind the pop up table and banner with custom structures and staging.  Focusing on the overall visitor experience and what you want them to take away from your activation forces you to think about the true brand direction and goals in a way that the standard set up never will accomplish. In the end, with today’s world of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it’s no longer just about how brands talk to people, but more about how people talk to and about brands.